Universe Online

Quick Start Guide

1. Introduction

Universe-Online is a browser based, resource management space strategy game set in our solar system roughly a century from now. You play the governor of a newly founded colony, which is your Headquarters. To help you started, you have been given a loan by the Bank of Moon and Mars and you are ready to populate your colonies with buildings and units.

Buildings provide your colony with some constant benefit: Hydroponic Farms provide food, Barracks train surface military units, Research Centers contribute to your research. Buildings have a level starting from 1; the higher the level, the the most advanced is the building and the more it can contribute to your empire.

Units function as planetary or space military forces. You can use them for defense or use them to raid. Some units have special functions, like the Turtle freighter.

During the course of the game you have the option to complete Missions, which give you special rewards.

2. Tips and Tricks

Buildings and units need a certain amount of time and resources, so you should establish a steady resource production line.

The buildings that produce the basic resources are Hydroponic Farm (produces food), Solar Power Generator (energy), Mining Camp (minerals) and Chemical Factory (silicon).

Higher level buildings produce more than lower level ones, but need longer times to build. Consider building more low-level resource-producing buildings at the beginning. You can always destroy redundant buildings to make room for more important ones.

Complete at least the first missions, to learn the basics of the game and to give yourself a good start.

The mission A Second Colony! rewards you with a Colony Ship that can be used to build a second colony.

3. Character Points (CP)

For a small amount of (real life) money you can buy CP (Character Points) which are used to speed up some aspects of the game.

Your current CP amount is displayed at the upper left corner of the screen.

You start the game with a small amount of CP for free. You are also awarded bonus free CP on different occasions.

Important: CPs do not give access to special or secret content (such as units, buildings, technologies or missions).

4. Interstellar Tokens (IS Tokens)

IS Tokens are used in the game to complete critical missions in the campaign, upgrade your facilities to levels greater than 9, raise your alliance's talents and bank slots.

You get free IS Tokens through any of the following ways:

a) Completing Daily Missions. Depending on your progress in the game you can get up to 5 IS Tokens per day via Daily Missions.

b) Completing the "Devotion" tasks required to get 1 IS Token per day

c) Taking part in the "World Events". By reaching the minimum "Participation Points" in each event you are rewarded with a "Participation Badge". You can then cash out bundles of these badges for IS Token or even CPs!

d) Using the Auction House, you can sell stuff and get IS Tokens. There are players that are constantly buying troopers, supply packs and crafting materials from the Auction House.

5. Daily Tasks

In order to better guide players to the various game elements, a simple daily dialog presents them with tasks to complete to gain useful rewards. This dialog appears in your Headquarters (your first colony).

Players gain points by completing the tasks on the left column. Once they reach certain totals, they can obtain the items shown on the right.

For example, if players complete enough tasks to obtain 45 points, they can get the first, second and third rewards.

Important: The total is reset to zero every day!