Universe Online

Pet Training

1. Pet Training Facility

You can train your pets to increase their levels and improve their attributes and talents. You do that in the Pet Training Facility, which unlocks as soon as your character reaches Level 2.

The Training Facility looks like this:

The screen is divided in many different parts.

1. Facility Attributes

Your Pet Training Facility has 4 attributes, shown at the top of the screen: Pet Mastery, AI Controls, Transmuter and Combat Simulator.

Increasing the levels of these attributes allows you to train more advanced pets.

  • Pet Mastery: Increases whenever you execute any of the Pet Train Actions (see below). You gain more when you execute the "Train Pet" action, since it is dedicated to this attribute.

  • AI Controls: Increases using the "War Games" pet action or by spending Research Points. For every 100 Research Points you spend you gain 1 XP for this attribute.

  • Transmuter: Increases using the "Stress Test" pet action or by spending Supply Packs. For every Supply Pack you expend you gain 15 XP for this attribute.

  • Combat Sim: Increases using the "Target Practice" pet action or by investing combat Power Ups. The value of XPs you gain from each Power Up is displayed on its tooltip.

2. Pet Actions
As mentioned before, these are the 4 Pet Actions that you use in order to train your Pet. Each time you use an action, your Pet gains XP and also you improve your Training Facility’s Attributes.

3. Pet Level. Evolve, Power Up and Pet Equipement.
See bellow for more detailed information.

4. The Pet Gallery
In this gallery you can see all game pets. For each one you can see whether it is available to you (meaning if you have acquired it or not), and whether your Pet Training Facility meets the requirements to allow for its training. Also you can see each pet’s Stars and each levels.

Clicking on any available pet makes it the currently selected pet.

Using the red arrows at the left and right of the gallery helps you navigate and browse through the rest of your pets.

5. Your Currently Selected Pet

In this area you see the pet you have selected to train. On the left you have a list of the available actions as mentioned before, on the bottom you can see your Pet Training Facility’s Energy Bar.

Training Actions

By clicking on each action you spend the relevant amount of energy and the pet gains XPs. All actions reward some amount of XP to both the “Pet Mastery” attribute of your Facility and the Pet itself. The “Train Pet” action rewards the most XP, the rest reward less XP but they also give XPs to one of the other three attributes of your Training Facility.


You replenish energy at a rate of 1 per hour. You can also craft the special "Pet Training Power Cells" to replenish your energy faster.

Pet Levels

Whenever your pet gains a level, it also increases its stats:

On odd levels (1,3,5…etc) your pet gains +1 to all of its attributes (attack, defence, engineering, diplomacy)

Hover your mouse over the level of the pet to see a tooltip with relevant information.

2. Pet Level. Evolve, Power Up and Pet Equipment.

Crafting Pet Equipment

As shown in the image, there are 4 different types of equipment a pet can acquire.
  1. Armor, increases the pet's Hit Points

  2. Mechanical parts, increase Tactics

  3. CPU, increases Power

  4. Power Cells, increase Speed

First some things you need to know.

  • Dungeons give you ingredients.
  • You can MIX ingredients in the Lab to create items.

  • These items are equipped to your Pets to gain stats for the Pet Arena.

  • You can Level up those items to become more powerful by “fusing” them with other items.

  • Each of the four items you get from the dungeons have four different rarity levels. Common (white), Enhanced (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Red). The odds of getting each are proportional to the difficulty (level) of the dungeon. I.E. you have a better chance of getting an epic drop during a Level 7 dungeon raid rather than a level 5.

  • Depending on the planet you are raiding there is a different chance you get a different type of materials.

Along with a bonus to the normal stats, you also have a chance to get a secondary boost, these are:

  1. Critical Hit Percentage

  2. Critical Damage percentage

  3. Accuracy Percentage

Here is the menu that pops up after you hit the "Invention Lab" icon.

Under the STOCK heading, you can see all the parts you have obtained in your inventory. There is a scroll bar to navigate through all different items. To start the mixing, you will need to fill all 5 slots. You can’t MIX unless all 5 slots are occupied with an item. Notice that you can mix and match any combination of items, the result will vary (look bellow).

There are 4 different parts that will be at any time in your stock.
  1. Energy Crystals, increase Speed

  2. Chips, increase Attack

  3. Cogs, increase Defense

  4. Alloys, increase Hit Points

Each item in a slot, gets a 20% chance of becoming the Primal Item during Mixing. The Primal Item is the item that defines what will be the outcome of the invention.

For example, as shown in the picture, 2 energy crystals, 2 Chips and 1 Cog have been placed upon the fusion panel. This means that the energy crystals have 40% chance of becoming the Primal Item, the chips have the same percentage and the cog has only 20%. This means that when the invention is done, one of the next outcomes will take place:
  1. 40% chance that a Power Crystal will be created, meaning that the Energy Crystals were chosen as the Primal Item

  2. 40% chance that a CPU will be created, meaning that the Chip was chosen as a Primal Item.

  3. 20% chance that a Mechanical Part will be created, meaning that the Cog was chosen as the Primal Item.

Equipping, un-Equipping and Upgrading pet Equipment

Clicking on any of the four equipment slots when empty will bring up equipment that can be fitted into that slot. Clicking on an existing piece of equipment will bring up a menu where you can un-equip that piece or upgrade it!

Upgrading a piece of Equipment

Clicking on any equipped item, will bring up the following panel:

Clicking the “Remove” button, then this item is removed (moved back to your inventory) and then you may replace it.

Sections 1-5 show the slots where you can put already crafted items to Fuse them into your item in order for it to get XP. You can see your stock on the right of the panel.
  1. Shows currently selected piece of equipment.

  2. Shows current experience of the selected piece, including pieces that have been selected to be fused to it.

  3. Shows characteristics of the selected piece (primary and secondary)

  4. When you are done with everything, this button will fuse all items placed to slots 1-5 into the item shown in slot A increasing its experience. NOTE: the items fused are consumed in the process.

  5. The cost in research points you need to fuse the pieces.

Evolving and Powering Up Pets

Powering Up a Pet, is a procedure similar to Powering Up the pet's Equipment. Clicking the Power Up button will open the following panel

Here you can see all the available pets you have that you may “feed” to the one you want to power up. The pet being fed will be consumed through the process and return to your pet panel losing all its levels and stars. The pet getting fed will increase in experience and in levels if the XP are enough.

In order to evolve a pet, it needs first to be of max level (50). Then, when you click the Evolve button, the same panel as powering up will appear and you may chose the pets you want to evolve. In order to evolve a pet of X stars, you need X pets of X stars each to be fused into your pet.

For example. In order to level up a Steam Dragon of 3 Stars that he is level 50, you will need 3 other pets that will also be 3-star (the level of these pets doesn’t matter) to be fused into your Steam Dragon. After that, the three pets will be returned to 1-star and lose all levels, and your mechanical dragon will become a 4-star pet level 1.

Important: Remember that when you use pets to power up or evolve an-other pet, then those pets lose all levels and stars in the process, returning to the very starting point of 1-star, level-1 pet.

3. Pet Families

Pet FamiliesAll pets belong to a specific family, which broadly characterizes their battle tactics. Families sometimes offer advantage or puts pets at a disadvantage depending on their opponent.

Vigorous:These pets burst into fury when engaging in combat. They prefer to overpower their opponents using brute force, daring attacks and spectacular maneuvers. Vigorous pets can overpower Polymorphic pets using their brute force but face difficulties against Tenacious pets, who are prepared to cancel such onslaught.

Tenacious: These pets usually assume a defensive stance, avoiding damage while biding their time until an opportunity arises to strike at their opponents. Tenacious pets are better able to fight Vigorous pets, using their resilience for best effect to weather out the fury of attacks. Thought they have difficulties fighting against Polymorphic pets, who are able to meticulously exploit the smallest of weaknesses.

Polymorphic: These pets employ a wide variety of techniques to defeat their opponents, continuously adapting their style to strike with precision and efficiency. Polymorphic pets excel when fighting Tenacious pets, employing multiple vectors of attack until they find a weak spot. They can be overpowered by vigorous pets, however, usually unable to withstand their brute force attacks.

Pets of the same family have no special advantage against each other.