Universe Online

Scorched Earth

1. General

In Scorched Earth you attempt to liberate our home planet, Earth, from the clutches of the evil Global Earth Government. You cannot attack GEG directly, but you can support the rebellion which has started on the planet: You can become an ally of the Resistance movement initiated by the Earth Rebels.

You begin by supporting the Resistance in Greenland, the icy wasteland near the north pole. GEG presence is sporadic here, so your task should not be very difficult!

You then proceed in the other continents of the planet. GEG has a moderate presence in Australia and South America and becomes gradually stronger in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

How to access Scorched Earth: Only powerful governors can access the Scorched Earth expansion. In order to gain access you must have discovered Astartium Synthesis. This will unlock the Earth Liberation mission, which will construct the Scorched Tower in your Headquarters:

Click on the Tower to go the the Scorched Earth map!

2. Scorched Earth Map

The Earth is divided into a number of sectors, as depicted on the main Scorched Earth map shown below.

GEG sectors are shown in red, liberated sectors are shown in yellow.

Your goal is to eliminate GEG presence from all sectors!

Some sectors contain GEG Bases. These are very strong, so you must exercise caution when dealing with them! GEG bases are indicated by this icon:

3. Credits

Credits are the currency used on Earth and is what the Earth Rebels spend to increase their power and influence on the people.

You gain credits in the following ways:

1. Automatically: Each sector generates a fixed number of credits per hour, which are deposited in the Collection Cap. Click on this button to gather your credits and safely deposit them into the rebel bank:

The Collection Cap has a limit, that depends on your Rebel Base level. The higher the level of your base the bigger the maximum cap will get.

2. Send Units: You can also aid the Rebels directly, by sending units from your colonies to Earth; the Rebels will happily convert them to credits, to empower their local armies. You send units to the Rebels in your Strategy Center.

3. Send Power Ups: The advanced technology of your crafted power ups can be quite valuable to the Earth Rebels!

4. Spend CP: You can spend Character Points to increase your available credits.

Important: You cannot take credits away from Earth. Once transferred, credits will remain in the rebel bank until used.

4. Skills and Actions

The Rebel army is characterized by a single power rating, which is shown at the bottom left as "Power". You convert credits to Power in order to increase it.

The "Rebel Base" limits the maximum possible Power. Each time you increase the Rebel Base level, your maximum possible Power increases as well (the current Power remains the same of course).

Before you can attack a sector you must spend credits to Scout it. Scouting success is not automatic! You see your success chance under the Scout button.

Important: Sectors that are scouted but not conquered lose their "scouted" status after the daily reset. You must scout these sectors again if you want to conquer them.

When you click on a scouted GEG sector you are presented with the following information and action buttons:

* Propaganda decreases the morale of the GEG forces in the sector, so they inflict less damage to the Rebel Army. Success is not automatic! You see your success chance under the button.

* Sabotage decreases the defense support of the GEG forces in the sector, so the Rebel Army inflicts more damage. Success is not automatic! You see your success chance under the button.

* Attack sends the Rebel Army to attempt to conquer the sector! Quite obviously, success is not automatic. However, any damage you inflict on the GEG forces will remain until the daily reset (when the GEG will replenish its forces to maximum power).

5. Winning Scorched Earth

Your goal is to eliminate GEG presence from all sectors and give our home planet back to its citizens!

To achieve this you must strengthen the forces of the Earth Rebels so that they can capture all sectors on the planet.

Key points to remember are:

1. Access Scorched Earth by clicking on the Scorched Tower which only appears in your Headquarters only after you have discovered Astartium Synthesis.

2. Collect your credits regularly! You can increase the Collection Cap by increasing the level of your Rebel Base.

3. Use Propaganda and Sabotage wisely. You must judge whether the cost justifies the improvement of your chances.

4. GEG Bases are very powerful.

5. Capturing some sectors may unlock new missions!