Universe Online


1. Scenario and Mechanics

The idea of this game and the mechanics of it were initially designed by Konstantinos Manos and Dimitris Xanthakis.

The underlining scenario of "Reaching for the Stars" has been created by Dimitris Xanthakis. A guy that had great ideas in both the technical and the literal aspects of the game.

Towards the end of the development Athanasios Manos contributed a great lot to the tweaking and finalization of the mathematics, the gameplay and facilities.

2. Platform Development

The game is written in PHP5 with MySQL5 as database. In the front end it uses DHTML along with AJAX technology. All the code is written and maintained by Kman.

3. Art & Design

Version 2.0 (@2012)
3D Game Graphics
In co-operation with Galanopoulos Emmanouil, we converted all game graphics for 2D to 3D! That allowed us to create even cut scene videos using our 3D Models.

Game Layout/Template
We completely redesigned the game's layout so that it could also be fully integrated with Facebook API. The new graphics were also produced by Galanopoulos Emmanouil

Version 1.0 (@2009)
Game Graphics
All the buildings, technologies, units, influences, corporations and items of the game have been created by Michalis Katsikopoulos. It is true, that without his contribution this project would have never started!

Website template
The game's external layout and graphical template has been acquired from gospelcreative.com

4. Special Thanks

- to my father for putting up with me and my anxiety while creating the game. I've used him several times to test my theories and our "arguments" although extremely intense helped me develop a better and easy-to-use game.

- to my wife for being there for me during all those endless days of developing during the last 2 years. She was more patient than I would have ever been!

- to the great team of friends that became Beta Testers and helped debug and improve the game! The gameplay and functionality before the beta testing period and after can simply NOT be compared. These guys and girls helped not only by finding code bugs but also improving the whole game experience!